Posibilitatea orașului / Possibility of the city – prezentare/presentation de/by Tonka MALEKOVIĆ

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Project presentation
September 17, 2010, 20:00


One of the paralel events to the FLOW, festival of art and science, which took place in Chisinau on September 16-19, was the presentation of the art work realized as the first CHIOSC artist in residency project in the summer of 2009.

Between 4 and 12 of July 2009, Croatian artist Tonka Maleković was the artist in residency in the frames of CHIOSC project, in Chisinau, initiated by OBERLIHT, young artists association. For this occasion she developed a project POSSIBILITY OF THE CITY in collaboration with Moldovan artist Ion Fisticanu.

Their project “Possibility of the city” is based on reflecting different scenarios for development of the city, opposite to those forced from “above”, by globalization and neo-liberal standardization processes. The idea was simple: to walk, to observe, to play, to construct improvised constellations representing cities using the materials found on the spot, on various locations all over the city of Chisinau.

The temporary structures of a miniature „cities“ were not meant to last, they do not have specific function, except liberating creative impulses, provoking eventual shifts in cognitive processes of their constructors or slight changes in perception of accidental passers by. They can also be perceived as small, but active agents of reclaiming the (public) space.

Rethinking the public space and one’s relation towards it, very often makes the basis of the work of Tonka Maleković. The Possibility of the City project continues along this line. On metaphorical level it speaks about the city as a possibility, and its citizens as creators of the new urban realities.

imagini de la prezentare / images from the presentation

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