KIOSK @ KUNSTVLAAI 2014: From safety to where?, Amsterdam, 22-24 mai 2014

KUNSTVLAAI 2014: From safety to where ?
22-24 mai 2014

The Amstelpark

‘From one place to another: placing, moving, adjusting, situating, transforming. Work in situ.’ (Daniel Buren)

Since 2012 Kunstvlaai no longer has a fixed location, which means that the architectural context also defines the specific content of every edition. The Amstelpark will maintain its function as a public, green space and will facilitate various spacial interventions from participating initiatives. For these interventions initiatives are selected that address and critically engage with the use of space and modes of presentation.
The Amstelpark differs from earlier locations like the Westergasfabriek terrain and the empty Sint Nicolaas Lyceum because it is a park that is already ‘complete’ in its public function. This gives Kunstvlaai the challenge to relate to this outside space, as opposed to filling an empty space with art and activities.

Spaces in Dialogue is a themed programme of round-table discussions that will be held during the Kunstvlaai.
It will take place in Het Glazen Huis, one of the original pavilions in the Amstelpark. In line with the general concept of the Kunstvlaai, the central theme of Spaces in Dialogue revolves around the varied and experimental ways in which initiatives engage with space and ways of presentation. The speakers are associated with the art(ist-run) initiatives themselves. Every day has a specific theme, respectively Space and Context, The Positioning of The Art(ist-Run) Initiative and The Different Manifestations of The Art(ist-Run) Initiative.

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