RE-DIRECTING: EAST. Conversations # 2, Vladimir Us

RE-DIRECTING: EAST. Conversations # 2, Vladimir Us
Wednesday, June 12, 2013, 6 pm
Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle
CCA’s Laboratory Building
ul. Jazdów 2, Warsaw


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In his presentation Vladimir Us will talk about the post-soviet urban space of Chisinau and the processes that led to its transformation after 1991. In the course of the last two decades many areas of public use have been demolished, abandoned, some of them privatized or converted to commercial areas. Having these dominating processes as a background, new initiatives that claim the right to use the city in a different way make themselves more and more visible. They open the possibility of creating a new public space responding to the needs of the local community. This process is equally led by artists, architects and researchers, who make use of the city as a studio and space where they meet and interact with the audience.

Taking the KIOSK project ( as an example Us will present and explain different artistic actions and strategies developed by local and international artists who travelled to Chisinau for residency, and who through their works managed to change the perception of the space around us, and sometimes bring new uses to existing available areas in the city.

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