Shaping the NEW – expoziție la APARTAMENT DESCHIS, 8 septembrie 2011

Shaping the NEW – expoziție de o zi / one day exhibition

8 septembrie 2011, ora 14:00-19:00

str. Bucuresti 68/1, Chisinau

În lunile aprilie-mai 2011, 5 artisti din Republica Moldova, Cehia, Polonia, Ungaria și Slovacia au participat la un schimb de reședințe artistice organizate drept parte a proiectului Shaping the NEW. Rezultatele acestui proiect vor fi prezentate publicului din Chisinau joi, 8 septembrie 2011 la APARTAMENT DESCHIS, sub forma unei expozitii / instalatii de o zi, specifice locului – transformind scuarului din str. Bucuresti 68 din Chisinau dintr-o parcare auto intr-un spatiu de arta.

In April – May 2011, 5 artists from Republic of Moldova, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia took part in the artist in residency exchange program organized in the frame of Shaping the NEW project. The results of the residencies will be presented to the publics in Chisinau on 8 of September 2011 at FLAT SPACE, in the form of an exhibition / one day site-specific installation, aiming to transform the square from Bucuresti str. 68 from a car parking into an art space.

participanti / participants

I am Slovak new media artist and I am in second class of my master degree in Kosice Fine art school. 24 years old, born in Nitra and I focus in my works on photography, video, interactive installations. The main theme use to be human being and his feelings.
5 months, 2 weeks and 3 days {that long was my sickness} – is about me and my mind and feelings during my illness. Documentation of installation can show you 3 different views of the same thing / window which was in front of me all the time and I could not go outside.


Balázs Kovacs (*1980), philosopher, electronic musician, media artist, head of the Moire Association for Culture and Periszkop Radio, Pecs. In my works I use found objects, mechanic devices and electronic control for creating movement, network interaction, sound.
If the target of a residency is to let the artist stay abroad, then for me it was successful – i like Brno, similar to my hometown.


Karina Marusinska is a graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw (Ceramics Design). She studied under scholarship programs at Pais Vasco University in Bilbao, Spain (2007) and at the Institute of Ceramics in Guebwiller, France (2008). She is a manifold scholar, laureate of nationwide and international prizes; participation in numerous exhibitions, symposia, plein-airs and festivals in both her home country and abroad.
In her two month residency in Kosice, Karina Marusinska was researching about waste and culture. She wanted to find out, what trash says about the city and its inhabitants as well as which role plays culture in the further European capital of culture. Marusinska connected both topics to an sensible insight view into the society of Kosice and recorded it in the video documentation “power of waste”. Also, she wrote several letters to key players in the city (major, dirctor of Kosice 2013 etc.) to ask for building up trash bins for culture all over the city.

Ghenadie POPESCU

On May 13 – 14. 2011 the 11th Wheelbarrow Olympics (Hung: “Talicskaolimpia”) took place in Hosszúhetény, a Hungarian village close to Pécs. This event is dedicated to the wheelbarrow, so sport events as well as cultural events connected to this vehicle took place. As this is one of Ghenadie Popescus favourite tools, naturally he also took part – not in the competitions, but with a unique sculpture, exclusively designed and built for this event (link).


Young Czech architect, born in Brno, working with public space. Lived in Finland, Tampere and in Netherlands, Amsterdam. In 2010 was working in Prague, in Office Po and Vasi/Architekti in Brno.
During his residency in Chisinau, in collaboration with Oberliht Association, Jarek Sedlak has produced a work composed of 500 flowers that were planted on the square from Bucuresti str. 68, restricting this way the transport circulation on the square and keeping it free of cars during one day (link). He has also coordinated a workshop for local artists and architects that resulted in a series of proposals for the Bucuresti 68 square (details here).

parteneri / partners

Kasarne Kulturpark, Kosice, Slovacia
ART TRANSPARENT Foundation, Wroclaw/Zmigrod, Polonia
4AM Forum for architecture and media, Brno, Cehia
Nikolaus Lenau Cultural Association, Pécs, Ungaria

finantatori / sponsors

Visegrad Fund
Robert Bosch Foundation
Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic
Goethe Institut Bratislava

suport tehnic / technical support

Centrul pentru Arta Contemporana, Chisinau [ksa:k]

suport media / support

Revista la PLIC

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